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Rebecca Rusch
Rebecca Rusch 3 x 24 Hour Solo Mountain Bike World Champion, Ultra Endurance athlete

"I have Bungalow Munch for breakfast every day. It really makes me feel like I'm starting my day off the absolute best way I can. I've tried so many store bought granolas and they either taste like cardboard if they're healthy, or they have so much fat and such a long ingredient list that I don't want to eat them. Bungalow Munch has six ingredients. It is super tasty, fills me up and makes me feel energetic and ready to face the day. I look forward to opening my jar every morning!" - Rebecca Rusch

Kristin Armstrong
Kristin Armstrong is the 2008 Summer Olympics Women's cycling time trial gold medal winner.

"Since you sent me Bungalow Munch I have managed to have it each morning for breakfast either with yogurt or topped on my oatmeal. Unlike alot of foods we eat, Bungalow Munch stays with me and gives me sustained energy throughout my rides. It doesn't leave me hungry after an hour or so of riding. It tastes so good that I have a tendency to be walking by the "closed" mason jar and dive right in to have a handful or two. The best part about Bungalow Munch is that it is so hearty, flavorful - and all natural." - Kristin Armstrong

Tyler Stewart
Tyler Stewart is a professional triathlete and is the world record holder for the Ironman bike split.

"Ever since I was introduced to bungalow munch I can't keep enough around the house. I am gluten and dairy intolerant so finding foods that I can eat, fuel me for my workouts and that I actually enjoy is tough. Bungalow much is my answer. Whether it's just a hard day at work walking 30 dogs or a long day out on my bike, Bungalow Munch is always the one that helps start my day and keeps me going all day long." - Tyler Stewart


Stephanie Morimoto"I loved the Bungalow Munch. I've been eating it every morning -- I ate it one morning with almond milk and dried cranberries and dried apricots, which I snipped into strips with scissors, and another morning with goat yogurt and the dried fruit. Delish."
Stephanie's Blog: http://togetherinfood.wordpress.com
Debbie Haumea Aynaga"I am a Granolaholic. I have tried them all. I came across this "Bungalow Munch" the small pack. It sat on my desk staring at me for a month. Finally driving back home in a commute I was starving, somehow the munch pack made it's way to my purse. I opened it and I couldn't stop. I feel it's the best I have found wholesome goodness, not sticky it's great on everything and when I read the nutritional value I was then hooked. I have bought 4 of the big bags since and will be a customer. It's satisfying and holds you over and don't realize that. I'm a "Foodie" we dine everywhere but snacking I love Granola and Frozen Yogurt. So here you go, "Bungalow Munch" is the way I roll."
Catherine Way"For awhile Lizzy hasn't wanted to eat breakfast, much to my displeasure. Now, with Bungalow Munch, she eats a full bowl with plain yogurt every morning!!! I feel like a testimonial..."
Jen Glass"I am eating my bungalow munch right now with yougurt and bluberries and I swear to you this is the tastiest, most delicious granola I have EVER tasted!! It is like a light dusting of snow it is so light!!!!!!"
Diane Newman"Our daughter who works with second graders, received this granola for a Christmas gift. She was nice enough to share it with us on our family vacation in Tahoe. It's wonderful!"
Cristin Fazal"Granola last night was a HUGE hit. I wish you could've been a fly on the wall.....10 people (my family) at dinner; I give my sister the container of Bungalow Munch at the table (as her bday gift) She freaked out because she is so in love with granola. The container then got passed around the entire table as every single person stuck their spoon in to get a taste. Was so good, it got passed around for seconds. My brother in law, another sister, and my mom all asked me to get them 2lbs next time I see you. All agreed - best granola ever. They just loved it. And they loved your story. And mostly you/your granola was topic of conversation for a solid hour."

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