Our Community

Many are working hard to create a more sustainable planet. We have learned from and admire the work of many ongoing efforts and we invite you to learn more and get involved. We encourage you to learn about the work of these organizations whose work supports a sustainable planet (and there are many more!):

Marin County Bicycle Coalitionwww.marinbike.org
League of American Bicyclistswww.bicyclefriendlycommunity.org
Food Alliancewww.foodalliance.org
Native Energywww.nativeenergy.com
Clean Air Cool Planetwww.cleanair-coolplanet.org
Pesticide Action Networkwww.panna.org
League of American Bicyclistswww.bicyclefriendlycommunity.org
Organic Farming Research Foundationwww.ofrf.org
American Farmland Trustwww.farmland.org
Marin Agricultural Land Trustwww.malt.org
The Slow Food Movementwww.slowfood.com
National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculturewww.sustainableagriculture.net

Anyone who pushes themselves beyond their capabilities is someone that needs to be celebrated.
- Dan Spacek