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June 8, 2006

Hi All -

Things have started to settle in for Dirk. He has continued to improve and he is showing all the doctors good signs of progress.

THE CURRENT STATUS: Dirk is talking - somewhat garbled but talking - to Kelsey and family. He has a sense of humor and really wants to get out of bed. Kelsey has been reading him all your emails and she wants to say THANK YOU so much for all your kind words. The hardest part for Kelsey now is that she is soo exhausted from those days of complete fear and emotions for Dirk. The family is heading home on Sunday and we HOPE and PRAY that Dirk stays on his current path - which is stable. If it does, we are looking at Dirk coming home some time week. Kiki has been endlessly been working and coordinating with SF Bay area Dr's for where Dirk will be received and what the next steps need to be. So, all this said, Dirk is stable. He had a strong fever yesterday but is feeling better today and it seems as though we have really taken a few more steps forwards in his recovery. It is really fantastic to write recovery. Dirk has given the Dr's all the signs for that. Once again, he has a lot ahead of him and it will take some time to determine if and what damage there might be in any aspects of his overall health. We continue to keep our fingers crossed that all will be good.

GOING FORWARD: Once I have more information as to when Dirk will be back in our area I will let us all know. Until then I will send out less updates since now Dirk and Kelsey need their time and privacy. I will send out any new information that changes any situation. I hope you all understand that Dirk's recovery now becomes something more private. OF COURSE, once they are here and settled, I know both Dirk and Kelsey would love to see all of you and thank you for your well wishes and support. Continue to email the Queens Medical Center if you like, the family reads them to Dirk every day - and his response is such surprise that all this is about him. Great sign is that he will tell Kelsey and family about who the person is sending the email...! Clearly he remembers things well.

Feel free to email me any questions or call! Continue to keep your fingers crossed.



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