Friends of Dirk and Kelsey







July 12, 2006

Hi all - Dirk is still quite weak and, as many of you can imagine, in a very vulnerable situation, therefore visits might be somewhat awkward for him as well as draining (since we all know he'll want you all to feel welcome). He has also lost a significant amount of weight, still has a trach and is limited in his facial expressions - for these and a few more reason, I would like us to wait a few more days until Dirk has made more progress. Lastly - he also cannot speak yet, and the frustration of not being able to communicate with his visitors can also get overwhelming.

BUT - as Hans said - he is doing MUCH better. I did the morning session of PT with him yesterday and was also really encouraged in seeing how well he is doing, how determined he is and I am confident in his improvement over the next few weeks to a point where we will be able to have the Dirk back we all know well.

Kelsey is still quite exhausted and overwhelmed from the last 5 weeks and now of the dramatic change from Intensive Care to a Rehab Center. She is still spending a lot of hours with Dirk and therefore her energy is devoted to his improvement. Shouldn't be long before we can all go see him, please be patient for a bit more.



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