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Marin Futures offers a wide selection of front-end execution platforms to choose from that are widely available throughout the industry. We also provide market access through other various platforms not listed (on a limited basis). Please keep in mind that not all execution platforms are available at all futures commission merchants. Please contact us for more detailed platform specifications or to determine which platform (or combination of platforms) best suits your trading needs.

The X_TRADER tool set has always given professional derivatives traders the edge with superior speed, stability and accuracy. Now the new X_TRADER 7 delivers even more speed, more exchange connections and more powerful tools to further optimize your trading performance.
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MF Global introduces MTrade, an Internet-based electronic order entry system for online trading of futures and options, designed specifically for the private label user to place orders via the web. Users may enter a broad range of order types, including market, limit, and stop orders. MTrade also allows time-limited orders such as day orders or good until cancelled orders. Order activity screens are available to track the status of current MTrade orders, from the time the order is entered until it is filled or cancelled. This technology is designed to display updated information at your request, just by refreshing the screen. Tracking tools are available to provide real-time quotes and to chart the data from your favorite markets. MTrade is a secure web site available only to clients of MF Global. Users also have access to the 24-hour central order desk, as well as the MF Global customer service department.
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IQ Trader
IQ-Trader is a front-end that provides exceptional vision and strategy control. It's an application that interprets markets; analyses and assesses trading opportunities and positions; defines strategies and parameters; and helps you plot the best course for successful trades. You can create studies, guards and complex strategies just by pointing and clicking. Moreover, IQ-Trader offers backtesting and optimization technologies that are unequalled for speed, functionality and ease of use. Seamless automation is guaranteed.
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Pro-Mark is a premium front-end, the most advanced application available for the professional sector. It has been developed after comprehensive market research into the needs of serious traders - those whose business is high volume, high value, cross-market, complex and intensive. The target market is traders in proprietary houses, investment banks and other financial institutions. Pro-Mark is also the ideal tool for committed independents who want the highest levels of speed and power.
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JTrader/MTrade Pro
A widely distributed and market-leading application, J-Trader is simple to deploy, easy to use, and provides all the functionality you would expect of a successful and versatile front-end. It is the ideal all-purpose trading tool. J-Trader provides direct access to all the leading exchanges around the globe. MTrade Pro is the white-label name for JTrader at MF Global.
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GL Trade
Established in 1987, GL TRADE provides the financial community with Trading & Order Management Software, Market Data, Middle & Back Office solutions and a proprietary Network connected to 500 financial institutions and over 80 cash & derivatives markets around the world. GL covers the entire order lifecycle, from Buy side order sending to post-trade settlement.

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Derivative transactions, including futures, are complex and carry a high degree of risk.
They are intended for sophisticated investors and are not suitable for everyone.